Tomato and Cod

My favourite examples of this pairing

Bacalao a la Riojana

Bacalao a la Riojana is a traditional cod stew originating from the region of La Rioja in northern Spain. Since the region was inland, the traditional dish would use dried salted cod but nowadays fresh cod fillets are used. Meaty cod fillets are gently cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, and freshly roasted red peppers. The tomatoes and peppers add depth and sweetness to the mild but meaty cod and together produce an irresistible vibrant red stew full of Mediterranean flavors.

Turn Tomato and Cod into a 3 flavor combo

Add a mutual match

If you want to create a great tasting 3 flavor combination you need to find another flavor that matches both Tomato and Cod. After spending hours analyzing classic recipes and conducting my own personal flavor tastings I’ve found the following are solid matches for both.