Leek and Potato

My favourite examples of this pairing

Vichyssoise (leek and potato soup)

Potato and leek make a great tasting soup. One variation, called Vichyssoise, cooks leeks and potatoes with heavy cream and is served cold. It is believed to have been first served to King Louis XV in the 18th century. The soup was served warm, but Louis was so paranoid about being poisoned he insisted on servants tasting it for him. By the time he was able to eat it, the soup had already turned cold, but over time he grew to prefer it at this temperature and this is how it is served today.

Turn Leek and Potato into a 3 flavor combo

Add a mutual match

If you want to create a great tasting 3 flavor combination you need to find another flavor that matches both Leek and Potato. After spending hours analyzing classic recipes and conducting my own personal flavor tastings I’ve found the following are solid matches for both.