Egg and Tomato

My favourite examples of this pairing

Chinese scrambled eggs and tomatoes

Rarely seen in restaurants, this hidden gem of Chinese home cooking is a perfect example of less equals more. Tomatoes, eggs, spring onion, and seasoning — that’s all you need to create this vibrant, flavourful dish. The tomatoes provide depth with their own umami and are sweet yet a little sour. They are cooked just enough to develop their richness but not too much that they lose their shape. The eggs are whisked with salt and gently scrambled in a pan. The two are then combined and heated together with fragrant chopped scallions. The end result is a vibrant dish of reds, yellows, and greens and one with a satisfying mouthfeel. You can watch a recipe here

Turn Egg and Tomato into a 3 flavor combo

Add a mutual match

If you want to create a great tasting 3 flavor combination you need to find another flavor that matches both Egg and Tomato. After spending hours analyzing classic recipes and conducting my own personal flavor tastings I’ve found the following are solid matches for both.