My favourite examples of this pairing

Aloo Gobi

I used to spend most of my school's summer holidays visiting my relatives in Pakistan which would always involve doing a round of visits to relatives houses and being welcomed with tons of great food.

One dish I would always look forward to was my auntie's Aloo Gobi curry which is a traditional dish of fried cauliflower and potatoes spiced with cumin, ginger, tumeric and several other spices along with some serious amounts of oil. The flavor that stands out the most however, is the cumin whose brown roasted seeds cling to the other ingredients.

The dish sort of became an annual tradition. No visit to aunties would be complete without the aloo gobi, a plate of chapati and a jug of homemade lemonade to wash it down. Great days.

Turn Cauliflower and Cumin into a 3 flavor combo

Add a mutual match

If you want to create a great tasting 3 flavor combination you need to find another flavor that matches both Cauliflower and Cumin. After spending hours analyzing classic recipes and conducting my own personal flavor tastings I’ve found the following are solid matches for both.