My favourite examples of this pairing

Veal Blanquette

Veal Blanquette is a traditional French stew dating back to the 18th century. It can be made with many different types of meat such as pork and chicken, but veal is the iconic ingredient. Rather than browning the meat, it is gently cooked in a broth made from white wine, aromatic vegetables, and plenty of sliced champignon mushrooms. The meaty broth is then thickened with flour and enriched with cream and egg yolk to create a silky white sauce.

Turn Beef and Mushroom into a 3 flavor combo

Add a mutual match

If you want to create a great tasting 3 flavor combination you need to find another flavor that matches both Beef and Mushroom. After spending hours analyzing classic recipes and conducting my own personal flavor tastings I’ve found the following are solid matches for both.