What Goes With Watermelon

13 Amazing Watermelon Pairings For You To Try

· September 14, 2022

Watermelon has a sweet fresh flavor. Its flesh is pinky-red, slightly crunchy, and packed with juices that burst out at the slightest rupture. Its scent is quite deceptive. I find watermelon to smell closer to a vegetable than your typical tropical fruit. Slightly grassy, cool, and refreshing and in some ways faintly similar to its close relative the cucumber.

Watermelon Pairings

After spending hours scouring recipe books and conducting tasting experiments, I've found the following flavor pairings all go well with Watermelon. Click on any match to view its flavor matches.

  • Cinnamon

    Why this pairing works:I wasn't expecting this to work but was pleasantly surprised to see it did. I sprinkled a little cinnamon onto a slice of watermelon and took a bite. The cinnamon immediately filled the back of my mouth and nose with its warm sweetness and the watermelon's soft refreshing juices soon came flooding in. The two blended nicely into one another.

  • Cucumber

    E.g. Cucumber and watermelon salad.Cucumber and watermelon actually have a lot more in common then you might realize.

    They both come from the same plant family; have a similar texture and water content and are both cooling and refreshing.

    Similar to watermelon and feta cheese, a common sighting for these two flavors is in summer salads.

    Try combing equal amounts of chopped cucumber and watermelon and dress with loads of lime juice, some hoisin sauce, parsley and salt. For some heat add a little chopped chili.

  • Goats cheese

    E.g. Watermelon, black olive and feta salad.Woah! This one is big on impact and will definitely get a reaction from your friends. And I mean the positive sort - not the "Are you two sandwiches short of a picnic?" type.

    A really easy way to try them out is to just crumble feta cheese over chunks of watermelon and add some fresh lime juice.

    However if you want to go the full mile then you could make Nigella Lawson's salad which also includes thinly sliced red onion drenched in lime juice, black pitted olives, finely chopped mint and all mixed with extra virgin olive oil and black pepper. The recipe features in her book " Forever Summer" but she has also kindly shared it on her website.

  • Pork

    E.g. A salad of ham, watermelon and basil.Nigel Slater puts this flavor pairing to work in a simple salad of torn ham and watermelon served with a simple dressing of basil, yoghurt and olive oil. Explaining the dish he says:

    And so it was with the ham salad I made this week, the meat torn roughly into frayed shards and tossed with ripe fruit. I used watermelon, whose sweet, cool juice is so refreshing with the salty quality of cured meat, but I could have used slices of cantaloupe or honeydew, nectarines or mango. (Never try to tear a mango, by the way.)

    Nigel Slater "The Guardian"