6 Amazing Red Wine Pairings For You To Try
· March 11, 2021

What goes well with Red wine?

After spending hours scouring recipe books and conducting tasting experiments, I've found the following flavor pairings all go well with Red wine. Click on any match to view its flavor matches.

  • Beef

    E.g. Beef Bourguignon.Like its sister chicken dish Coq au Vin, Beef Bourguignon is a beef stew that is also cooked in red wine and often served with rice or potatoes. The dish is quite a time-consuming affair but slow cooking allows the wine’s acidity to tenderize the meat so it breaks apart at the slightest touch. Together with the rich aromatic broth, it leads to a beautiful melt-in-your-mouth experience. The important thing is to use a good Bergundy wine, such as Pinot Noir. Don’t use that rancid bottle you opened 10 weeks ago and keep under the sink. Leave that for cleaning the bath taps.

  • Chicken

    E.g. Coq au Vin.No dish better exemplifies this pairing than the French Coq au Vin, where chicken is slowly braised in red wine, mushrooms, bacon, and garlic to yield a hearty, rich dish perfect for a cold winter's night.

  • Haricot / Navy / White Bean