1 Amazing Pecan Pairings For You To Try
· May 5, 2020

What goes well with Pecan?

After spending hours scouring recipe books and conducting tasting experiments, I've found the following flavor pairings all go well with Pecan. Click on any match to view its flavor matches.

  • Carrot

    E.g. Pecan and Carrot Cake .My wife brought some carrot cake back from our local bakery and like any supporting husband, I immediately stuffed my face on it while she wasn't looking.

    I've had carrot cake loads of time. Its always heavily spiced with cinnamon and clove but this one also had pecan nuts in it which I almost choked on and to this day blame for nearly being caught.

    Anyway, I got away with it (I blamed the cat) and in the stressful process learnt carrots are often described as being sweet, piney and woody and maybe it's the woody part which makes them a good match with pecan nuts.