What Goes With Olive

18 Amazing Olive Pairings For You To Try

· September 14, 2022

Olive Pairings

After spending hours scouring recipe books and conducting tasting experiments, I've found the following flavor pairings all go well with Olive. Click on any match to view its flavor matches.

  • Anchovy

    E.g. Tapenade.Popular in the south of France, tapenade is a luxurious spread made from salty olives, umami-rich anchovies, and tangy capers. The trio is ground to a rich and fragrant paste and is often served as a starter with wam, crunchy bread to spread it all on.

  • Chocolate

    E.g. Royce's olive and almond chocolate bar.If I'm buying chocolate souvenirs from Japan I always buy Royce. Situated in Hokkaido, they are rather hard to find in Tokyo so when I see a bar I always pick one up. They are more expensive than the local big brand varieties like Pocky or Dars but boy are they worth it.

    My two favourites are the rum and cognac chocolate bar and the chocolate covered salty potato chips. They never cease to impress. So when I saw their limited edition olive and almond chocolate bar I had to try it out. If anyone was going to pull this combination off it was Royce.

    I wasn't sure what to expect as it's a rather weird combination but on the first bite those doubts instantly disappeared. At first, I could only taste the rich milk chocolate but this was soon punctuated by the salty buttery bitterness of olive and its unique nutty flavour. What an incredible combination!

    I will definitely be picking a few of these up to take home the next time I leave Japan.

  • Orange

    E.g. Orange and olive salad.Think salads are boring? Then try sticking some fruit in it... hoooly moooly this stuff is off the hook!

    The basic idea behind using fruit in salads is to keep it simple. Pick your fruit first then slowly build up a combo of matching greens, nuts or cheeses. You want the fruit to be the star of the show so don't bother trying to invent some clever dressing. Instead use a simple home made vinaigrette of olive oil, vinegar, salt and if possible mix in a little juice from the fruit.

    One great fruit to use in salads just so happens to be oranges. One, they add much needed color to a boring limp green salad; two, they taste bloody amazing.

    They do need to be lovingly prepared however. No one wants to start eating a salad only to take a bite into that horribly bitter stringy white crap that oranges are covered in. So do a google on how peel an orange first.

    When you have done that, add them to a plate of thinly sliced red onion and black olives. Just imagine all their colors - yummmy! Finish by drizzling your dressing from above and shazaaam!!!