What Goes With Horseradish

9 Amazing Horseradish Pairings For You To Try

· September 14, 2022

Horseradish Pairings

After spending hours scouring recipe books and conducting tasting experiments, I've found the following flavor pairings all go well with Horseradish. Click on any match to view its flavor matches.

  • Apple

    Why this pairing works:I have no horseradish in the house, but I do have some bargain-basement wasabi in the fridge, and the producers always cut their costs by padding it out with cheaper horseradish. Since beggars can't be choosers, I went ahead and smeared a little onto a slice of apple and gave it a try and... it’s a match! The wasabi brightens the apple and adds a little heat to compliment the crisp sweetness. I can definitely see horseradish working here.

    E.g. Austrian apple sauce.The Austrians often serve a tangy apple sauce with the traditional dish Tafelspitz which is made by gently boiling beef in a broth of root vegetables and aromatics like bay leaves and juniper berries. The apple sauce, called Apfelkren, is made from grating sour apples and horseradish and combining them with sugar and lemon juice. It’s sweet, tangy, and also has a spicy zing courtesy of the horseradish. Here is a recipe.