What Goes With Haricot / Navy / White Bean

11 Amazing Haricot / Navy / White Bean Pairings For You To Try

· September 14, 2022

Haricot / Navy / White Bean Pairings

After spending hours scouring recipe books and conducting tasting experiments, I've found the following flavor pairings all go well with Haricot / Navy / White Bean. Click on any match to view its flavor matches.

  • Bacon

    E.g. Caldo Gallego.In Galicia in Spain they have a soup called Caldo Gallego which literally means "Galician broth".

    White beans are boiled with a bone of ham, chopped bacon and chorizo and a little pork back fat to add extra flavor. Potatoes are added to thicken the soup and fresh greens such as kale are added near the end of cooking.

    Rick Stein describes the dish:

    If you're even unsure what to choose for a starter in Galicia, go for the caldo, as it's always good. In the genre of comforting soups this is one of the best.

    Rick Stein "Rick Stein's Spain"
  • Pork

    E.g. Cassoulet.The cassoulet is a rich, hearty, casserole from the South of France. It takes its name from the pot it is cooked in, the Cassole pot, and is chockfull of white beans and various cuts of pork such as sausages and ribs. Duck legs are also added along with lots of garlic, thyme, bay leaves, tomatoes, and onions and the mixture is slowly cooked, sometimes for several days, to extract all the rich juices. The beans and meat just melt in your mouth and lend themselves perfectly to a full-bodied bottle of red.

    This could quite possibly be the mother of all stews and you can watch an authentic version being cooked right here.

  • Rosemary

    E.g. White beans with rosemary and garlic.An easy way to experience these two together is to boil up some white beans and in another pan add some generous glugs of oil and a few finely chopped cloves of garlic. When the garlic is cooked add chopped rosemary and cook gently to release the flavors. Then add the beans and turn off the heat once warmed up. Simple as that.