30 Amazing Apple Pairings For You To Try
· April 18, 2021

What goes well with Apple?

After spending hours scouring recipe books and conducting tasting experiments, I've found the following flavor pairings all go well with Apple. Click on any match to view its flavor matches.

  • Almond

    Why this pairing works:Hexanal is a flavor compound that has a green, grassy, perhaps apple-like aroma and it's present in both almonds and strawberries.

    E.g. Apple crumble.My favorite dessert as a child was apple crumble. A simple desert comprised of a thick, almond encrusted crunchy top with gooey cinnamon-laced apple wedges hiding below. Nigella Lawson has an easy to make recipe here

  • Bacon

    E.g. Æbleflæsk.At Christmas the danish like to serve a dish called Æbleflæsk. Made by roasting cured salty pork or bacon and adding it to a butter fried mixture of apples, onions and thyme before layering it over rye bread and served with a glass of beer or snaps.

  • Blackberry

    E.g. Apple and blackberry pie .I absolutely love apple and blackberry pie. Golden brown buttery dough with a crunchy top, hiding a thick gooey fruit filling and served with a dollop or two of vanilla ice cream. Yum.

    David Lebovitz has an amazing recipe complete with pictures on his blog.

  • Cabbage

    E.g. German coleslaw.Coleslaw comes in many forms. The traditional American version uses lots of mayonnaise to bind finely shredded cabbage together. The German version, named Krautsalat, ditches the mayonnaise and instead marinades the cabbage in oil and vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is often used and adds brightness to the sweet cabbage. Sometimes finely chopped apple is also added.

  • Celery

    Why this pairing works:Wow, I tried these in a salad, and they make a great combination. Both apple and celery share fresh, crisp, green notes and have a really satisfying crunchy texture. They also share a similar sweetness. Celery is weaker in this regard, but apple gives it a good boost, so you won’t miss it. In return, celery provides a twist with its spicy flavors and herby fragrance. Perfect for an autumn salad.

  • Horseradish

    Why this pairing works:I have no horseradish in the house, but I do have some bargain-basement wasabi in the fridge, and the producers always cut their costs by padding it out with cheaper horseradish. Since beggars can't be choosers, I went ahead and smeared a little onto a slice of apple and gave it a try and... it’s a match! The wasabi brightens the apple and adds a little heat to compliment the crisp sweetness. I can definitely see horseradish working here.

    E.g. Austrian apple sauce.The Austrians often serve a tangy apple sauce with the traditional dish Tafelspitz which is made by gently boiling beef in a broth of root vegetables and aromatics like bay leaves and juniper berries. The apple sauce, called Apfelkren, is made from grating sour apples and horseradish and combining them with sugar and lemon juice. It’s sweet, tangy, and also has a spicy zing courtesy of the horseradish. Here is a recipe.

  • Pistachio

    Why this pairing works:In addition to its woody nuttiness, pistachio has a slightly pea-like flavour that blends in nicely with apple’s sweet green notes. For added bonus, it takes zero effort to get them to work together; I ate a chunk of apple with a few nuts and really enjoyed the result.

    E.g. Baked apple with caramel sauce and crushed pistachios.Impress your friends and family with this easy to make baked apple desert by Michelin star chef Raymond Blanc. Baked apples are coated with sugar and butter, served in an apple brandy caramel sauce and topped with crushed pistachios and almonds.

  • Pork

    E.g. Danish meatballs and apple curry sauce.I was going to write about pork chops and apple sauce but I’d thought I’d go for something a little different. Now curry might not be the first thing you’d expect to find in traditional Danish cooking, but they have a dish called “Boller I Karry” which roughly translates to “meatballs in curry”. The dish combines ground pork meatballs with an apple curry sauce and is served on a bed of rice. The curry sauce is made with curry powder, flour, butter, and chopped apples. You can find the recipe here.

  • Raisin

    E.g. Apple strudel.The classic Austrian apple strudel, or Apfelstrudel, is made with strudel pastry and a filling comprised of apples, raisins, and cinnamon sugar. The pie is brushed with butter and then popped into an oven until the pastry has turned golden brown and the sweet filling is piping hot. Served with a scoop of vanilla icecream.

  • Rhubarb

    Why this pairing works:In addition to its tart, floral notes, Rhubarb's flavor is also comprised of apple flavors thanks to the flavor compound hexenal.

    E.g. Apple and rhubarb crumble.Apple and rhubarb crumble is a classic baked dessert comprised of sweet apples, tart rhubarb, and a buttery crumble top. Best served with custard.